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Team UP Testimonials


Unedited testimonials from past clients:

I started working with Mike when I was at 232 pounds. I was out of shape and weak and needed to make a lifestyle change to achieve my weight loss goals. Mike explained to me macronutrients for my dieting and the Juggernaut program for my lifting gains in the gym. After 18 weeks of sticking to my macros and using the Juggernaut program I was able to lose 30 pounds and greatly increased my strength. Working with Mike has helped me to get a better understanding of the world of dieting and proper training in the gym. I would recommend Mike to anyone who is willing to work hard at achieving their goals. Whether it be prepping for a competition, dieting, or trying to improve their physical appearance and health. He is a great coach and I look forward to working with him more in the future.


Jeff G, general fat loss



Michael Pucci showed me that it was possible to achieve a lean physique without doing hours of dreaded cardio and extreme dieting! He was consistently there throughout my prep with immediate responses to any questions I had, and he was a constant source of motivation throughout the whole process. I would recommend Michael Pucci to anyone interested in competing or simply wanting to improve their fitness and nutrition. I couldn’t have asked for a better figure prep experience!


Brook G, Figure competitor


Thanks to Michael Pucci, not only was I able compete and place in my very first bikini fitness competitions, I was introduced into the fitness world which has totally changed my life. I was always on the thin and athletic side, however, I had no idea of how proper dieting and lifting could shape and sculpt my body. In just 4 short months, with minimal cardio and weekly adjustments to the macronutrient diet he set for me, I was lean and stage ready! He's an incredible coach and competitor as well which always inspired me throughout my journey! Thanks to Pucci, I have gained so much knowledge in the fitness and nutrition world and I cannot wait to start prepping with him again! 


Holly N, Bikini competitor

Figure transfomation
Fat loss transformation
Bikini transformation
Reverse diet transformation


At first, I was skeptical about trying IIFYM, but once I started reading about it more and more, I wanted to find out if this was really something that would work for me. I asked Mike Pucci and he laid down the hard facts about flexible dieting. I tried it and I wish I had done this last year. I lost 30 lbs of fat from being at 216-220, to now weighing at 185.4.  I busted my ass in the gym like I always have, but have been able to eat whatever I wanted as long as it fit my macros.  I don't have anymore cravings, I can eat whatever I want and when I want it and I'm still shredding off fat.  I eat food that has a lot of nutrients in that fit my protein, fats and carbs.  I don't have to eat every 2 hours, which is the best part because I used to live in the kitchen doing that.  Once in a while, I can go out to eat with my girlfriend, it's simple, I just look it up online and make sure it fits my macros. This is the best thing I could've done for myself. 


Eric G, Reverse dieting

I found Mike and Team Unique Prep at a time when I desperately needed some help getting my mind and body back on the right track. I had competed in three fitness competitions from November 2014 to June 2015 and then began struggling with binge eating and depression as a result of the incredibly restrictive diets I had been on throughout the three preps. I had watched myself transform from overweight and unhappy to the being in the best shape of my life, and then I ended up putting all that weight back on and then some. It was very hard to deal with and I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to get past the unhealthy relationship with food that I had developed. 


My best friend told me about Mike and how he follows IIFYM, a method that I believe saved my body and my sanity. I signed up with him in May 2016 for a 6-month show prep at a starting weight of 163, a number even higher than when I first got into fitness in April 2014 so I clearly had a long way to go. Over the course of the 6 months, Mike was incredibly attentive to my goals and very responsive when it came to my weekly check-ins. He made prep easy, something I didn't think was possible after the torture I suffered through my first few. I honestly wasn't sure how my physique would shape up for my show, knowing how far I had to go, but I brought not only a better physique but a better mindset to the stage. People often overlook the importance of a healthy mind and instead focus on restricting themselves in order to have a "clean" diet. I found that that means absolutely nothing if it drives you crazy. I honestly can't thank Mike enough for everything he's done for me and for helping me become the absolute best that I can be, physically and mentally. I placed 3rd in my competition, a higher placing than I've ever gotten. I look forward to working with him again in the future when I'm ready to prep for my next show and I have no doubts that he'll  help me bring an even better package next time around. ~Alyssa Wbff fitness diva

Wbff bikini transformation


I had the honour of being the first Team Unique Prep client in Australia.


I contacted Mike to assist with my first show as a fitness model around 18 months out from my planned show date.


Firstly we reversed dieted out, during this process I gained around 8 kilos and all my lifts increased extremely well, the prep began for my first show, it saw me lose approximately 12 kilos and got me in the shape of my life!


I don’t want to kid anyone prep was not an easy process, however with Mike’s guidance I was able to stay on track the entire time and reach my final goal, I was also able to manage the process while running my own business and not alienating myself from family life with my wife and 2 young children.


Being a complete novice, Mike was there to answer my many questions along the way and during the prep he dug me out of a deep hole when I was about 8 weeks out and was ready to throw the towel in. He got me back on board, refocused and we grinded it out till comp day.


Mike really went above and beyond during our relationship and provided me all the help he possibly could, having access to Mike on facebook and the Team Unique Prep members page on Facebook and a great way to feel like part of the community for both support and to swap ideas amongst other team members.


I plan to compete again in 2016 and will be using Mike again to prep me for my show and I would wholeheartedly recommend Michael Pucci and Team Unique Prep to anyone! ~ Troy Physique competitor

mens physique transformation


I have to say I have been more than impressed by the results I've got from working with Mike Pucci and Team Unique Prep! I would like to thank him for designing a great plan and coming up with the blueprints that enabled me to reach my short term goal of becoming a WNBF Pro.  He is a great coach and was there for me anytime I needed anything.  I asked many questions along the way and he always knew what was best.  He is a true Guru in the sport and deserves much credit for helping me become a Pro.  The pic on the left is from my last competition at the OCB 2015 Desert Valley Natural and the pic on the right is from the OCB 2016 Desert Valley Natural one year later.  All my muscles are more full, especially the glutes and everything is leaner as well.  I am excited to continue to work with Mike Pucci and Team Unique Prep to see what I can do at a pro show in about a year.

~Levi D. Wnbf Pro Bodybuilding 

Mens bodybuilding transformation


I signed on with Mike in April 2016 to reverse diet out of a show and start with a powerlifting DUP program. After a very successful reverse diet of 5 months where I made a lot of strength and muscle gains as well as increased my metabolic health we began prep for a show in December 2016. This was my third pro show and I received 2nd place after not having placed at all at the previous 2. Mike's attention to detail with nutrition and programming as well his very positive and encouraging attitude helped set me up for success. 


I look forward to continue my training with Mike in the offseason as well as prep for future shows!

~Chanee Wbff bikini pro diva 

Wbff bikini pro


Can't say enough great things about Mike Pucci! The man is a true master at his art. He was always there to motivate me and answer any questions at anytime. I'm just a normal guy that found extraordinary results with Mike and #teamuniquprep! I lost a total of 26.5 lbs, doing cardio 1 time a week for 12 minutes a day, where else you gonna get these results!!! Highly recommend you get with this man and let him change your life for the better. You have to want it, and be consistent! There is secret to success, but this is where you need start your journey. Thanks Mike for everything! You're a great friend and coach! 

Garrett G. Body Transformation


fat loss transformation

At first, I thought I was just out of shape with a "dad body".  However, when I took my body fat measurement it was around 29%.  One more percent and I would have been considered obese.  I knew how to weigh and track my food intake. I also knew about flexible dieting and macros but I just couldn't fine tune my macros to see results.  I would lose a few lbs here and there but with one cheat meal or night out I would gain it all back.  I was working out with a lot of cardio several times per week.  I heard of Team Unique Prep and spoke to Mike about my goals.  I'm glad he took me on as a client.  We went over my goals and he took the time to create an exercise routine and macro setup for me to follow.  To my surprise, the workouts were not as hard as what I was already doing.  Also, his macro setup for me was on point from day 1.  I started seeing results almost immediately.  However, I wasn't AS sore because Mike had me working out smarter, not harder.  My shoulder had been giving me problems before we started the program but I tried to keep going with both shoulders until I just couldn't any longer. That was approximately 3-4 weeks in.  Diagnosed with a torn labrum, Mike adjusted my exercise routine so that I didn't have to use my left shoulder.  I STILL kept seeing results week after week.  At the end, I took my measurements and I lost 10% body fat, lost 21 lbs, and 4 1/4 inches off my waist.  NONE of my belts fit anymore and people all around have noticed!  I have a sweet tooth so I always ate ice cream cones before bedtime.  I also now make pancakes and pizza at home.  I don't starve myself.  I honestly work out less, eat more, and feel FAR better abtou it.  Therefore, I completely recommend Mike Pucci and Team Unique Prep if you've ever wanted a better way to workout, easier way to "diet", look better, and just plain feel better about yourself and your reflection!

~Jesse 12 week transformation


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