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            Contest Prep


Looking to compete in your first bodybuilding or fitness show? Have you competed prior and would like to learn the optimal way to train and diet in order to get in contest shape? 


Team UP contest prep includes customized macronutrients, training, and designated cardio at optimal levels to ensure muscle preservation with fat loss to bring your best physique on show day. 


My philosophy is to keep in as much food as possible with limited cardio to ensure a healthier fat loss process. 


Clients on Team UP have a designated weekly check-in initially with an increase to twice weekly closer to contest day. 


A detailed peak week customized per client is also provided with an increase in check ins prior to contest day. 


Team UP Contest Prep:

Email for inquiry



Body Transformation

If you want to improve your overall body composition, if you're tired of not being the person on the outside that you are on the inside. If you are willing to do what it takes to finally make some serious change. Each program is customized to the client based upon their training ability and needs. 


These programs offer weekly check-ins for progress to reach your goals. Macronutrients and training (including designated cardio) are all customized and adjusted as needed.


Team UP Transformation plans:


12 week transformation


Powerlifting Programs


Thinking of competing in your first powerlifting meet and dont know where to start? I offer a customized strength training program with weekly adjustments for each lift as well as peaking protocols for the meet. 

I provide video feedback via e-mail regarding form and performance. 

Nutrition is also provided with the programming to ensure optimal results and progress with strength and/or making meet day weight.


Pricing for Team UP Powerlifting Programs:


-12 weeks base model or 
-Custom time frame based on meet 


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