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My Personal Progress

I started competing in bodybuilding in July of 2010 after graduating UCF with my B.S. in Biology. I have competed in 9 bodybuilding shows and 8 powerlifting meets so far. I have had the honor to be coached by Dr. Layne Norton and have his seal of approval for coaching. I have also been coached by Ben Esgro for powerlifting. I use all of the information I have acquired to help my clients be optimal in their prep with keeping their health a first priority. At my best powerlifiting meet my total was 1581 in the 105kg weight class at Raw Nationals 2014 with lifts of 589lb squat, 403b bench, 589lb deadlift. In 2015 I competed at the Arnold for powerlifting and placed 3rd. Later that year I dieted down and lost 55lbs in 36 weeks and won my IFPA and ANBF pro cards for natural bodybuilding. 

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